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Pentax-AF-160FC Auto Macro Ring Flash-Flashes and Speedlights

Guide Number: GN 16m - 52.8', ISO 100, f/8

Bounce Angle: 60° from up/down/left/right (flash output ratio selectable from left, left...


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Pentax-AF-200FG-Flashes and Speedlights

Guide Number: 28m (at ISO 200), 20m (at ISO 100)

Bounce Angle: not specified

Dimensions: 2.7 x 3.3 x 3.7 in

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Pentax-AF-360FGZ II-Flashes and Speedlights

Guide Number: 36 (ISO 100/m)

Bounce Angle: +180 / -180 horizontal, +90 / -10 vertical

Dimensions: 68mm x 111mm x106mm

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Pentax-AF-540FGZ II-Flashes and Speedlights

Guide Number: 54

Bounce Angle: +180 / -180 horizontal, +90 / -10 vertical

Dimensions: 76mm x 113mm x 108mm

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